Meditation and Galactic Energy Balance

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Laurel is an energy healer and psychic medium and uses her gifts to amplify your journey. 

Laurel uses her own energy modality called Galactic Energy Healing which includes the activation of galactic symbols which are intuitively channeled. Galactic energy healing is an interdimensional modality of accessing frequencies from another galaxy which is infused into the emotional and physical body to raise your vibration.  Laurel will guide you into a meditative state and work with your emotional body, your ancestors, and spirit guides to support your process. 

Laurel is also a certified Reiki practitioner which is sometimes combined with the Galactic symbols used to rebalance your mind and body by clearing any energy blockages.

Remember - You are your own healer, you are the wisdom you are searching for and together a powerful energical field is created for your own healing. 


Time:  1 hour 


"I love you deeply"...Laurel 

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