For a Queen : Cowry Shell Necklace   


This has become my go to piece to exude class, grace and style. So glad to have this as a part of my collection


Thank you so much for giving me an energy healing/therapeutic session 🙏 I feel like the energy I received is contributing in my ascension and stepping more into my power... mainly by sharing it more and taking action and reaching more of the collective so thank you so much again. You are a powerful being in this earth realm making such a difference. Keep doing what you're doing.


Amazing meditation class filled with so much knowledge and inspiration. I truly enjoyed every minute and found myself feeling incredibly connected and at peace afterwards.

I joined Reclaim Your Power at a time in my life where I was under a lot of stress, feeling disconnected, and feeling very confused and lost about what I should be doing to get out of that state. I had some experience with meditations in the past and they were always positive ones, so I decided I needed to at least check out what Oluchi was offering. We hopped on a call and wow am I happy I did. Oluchi has a calming, loving soul and after speaking with her I knew I needed be to closer to that kind of energy in my life, the way that it currently was. From day 1 of the program she made me feel safe, free to be and express myself, and truly like I could reach out to her anytime I needed. I have a bit of a history of being shy and worried about taking up people's time but I can honestly say I never felt that with Oluchi. She always held space for me and checked in with me when I needed it. She genuinely gives off that kind of supportive, caring vibe. I'm so grateful for that because when you pair it with the amazing program she's created THAT is what really helped me seriously reclaim so much of my power. I have already seen such amazing shifts in my personal and professional life by using the tools she's given me through the daily meditations and exercises. I feel re-energized, more confident than ever, and so grateful for the deeper connection I've made with myself along the way. This will not be my last program with Oluchi. If you want a life-changing experience, here it is.

Intuitive Readings and Energy Balance

I had the most amazing session with Laurel. She is such a pure and beautiful spirit . Laurel is a very kind and loving soul ❤️.

Trish Bowie, April 27, 2020



I had the pleasure to experience a Galactic healing session with the beautiful soul Laurel She infused her very own galactic symbols into my soul ✨✨ They brought me clarity love and also integration to a higher source ,an invite and welcoming of other beings I hadn’t seen before , the session was lovely and yes powerful ! I encourage every soul looking for calmness peace and connection to higher source to see laurel Thank you for you let gifts ✨🙏🏻