About Us


Oluchi Nayaa creates connections and cultural experiences through conscious fashion, travel and spiritual support. Oluchi Nayaa is the brain child of Laurel Sabur, Founder/CEO  who believes that to heal our world we must be willing to embrace the creativity and experiences of other cultures. 

At the core of the human experience we long to be seen, heard, understoood, appreciated and loved. To see the beauty in another is to see the beauty in oneself looking back at you. 

Vision Statement

To create connections to many traditional cultures around the world and support learning and sustainable development.


About Laurel Sabur

Jamaican born, Laurel (Oluchi) Sabur, discovered her love for cultures and communities through her travels and migration to Canada. At the intersection of her investment banking and corporate social responsibility career she enjoys using business to create change.
Oluchi Nayaa Global Lifestyles bridges cultural worlds and generates social and economic value for amazing women in Ghana, West Africa through fair trade high quality handmade products.

She is passionate about conscious business practices that support honoring our Earth with environmental and social strategies.  Throughout career she has served NGOs, businesses and governments in Canada, Ghana, Kenya and Jamaica.

Laurel holds a Community Economic Development Certificate from Simon Fraser University, MSc. Applied Mathematics, BSc. Actuarial Science and holds training in Intercultural awareness and communication.

She is a Faculty Member of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Training Institute and Leadership Council Member for RESOLVE, a natural resource mediation and conflict resolution NGO.

She enjoys public speaking, yoga, meditation, hiking, nature, exploring and learning about other cultures. 

She has facilitated meditation workshops for corporate clients and individuals in Canada and Ghana, West Africa.