Proudly Canadian Owned 

Oluchi Nayaa Global Lifestyles operates at the intersection of business and community as a social purpose venture. Working with hard working women, Ghana, West Africa, we provide quality fair trade organic shea butter products and other hand made products using traditional methods.

We design our pieces in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and work with local designers and makers in Ghana, West Africa to bring you joy through our pieces. 

We believe learning and embracing the creativity of cultures can heal this world. Through awareness we can accept and support each other. 

" I'm obsessed I've never been much of a cream or lotion person, (and you can see that reflected in my skin, sadly). I am obsessed with this stuff though. My parched skin drinks it in, and it's never felt softer. I feel like a goddess when I slather it on and after the first use, I was already planning to order more. I LOVE IT!!!!! " Aurora Light on Oct 21, 2020
Simply Whipped: Shea and Cocoa Butter Oluchi Nayaa Global Lifestyles  Gift Card Shea Bliss Bath Salts


Handcrafted by women & families using traditional methods passed down through generations. When you use Oluchi Nayaa Global Lifestyle shea products you are not only using some of the purest product available anywhere, you are also helping to support an entire village in northern Ghana. .

Oluchi Kimono Oluchi Kimono Oluchi Kimono Oluchi Kimono Oluchi Kimono

Oluchi Kimonos

Our beautiful one size fits all Kimonos for all occasions made in Ghana, West Africa


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Oluchi Kimono

Feeling the POWER

When I saw this chakra Kimono , I pulled it out to look at it and immediately knew it was mine! Then I tried it on and felt the loving energy poured into its creation! It's power was potent. I felt powerful IN it! I am very connected to spirit... I was guided to buy it..and bought it for special occasions and ceremony. But, I've been wearing it every day so I could feel the vibes as I pull my Tarot and Oracle cards. What a beautiful way to start my day! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

Ali Wilks

Meditation and Energy Rebalance


Thank you so much for giving me an energy healing/therapeutic session 🙏 I feel like the energy I received is contributing in my ascension and stepping more into my power... mainly by sharing it more and taking action and reaching more of the collective so thank you so much again. You are a powerful being in this earth realm making such a difference. Keep doing what you're doing.

Anne-Marie Evans

Intuitive Readings and Energy Balance

I had the most amazing session with Laurel. She is such a pure and beautiful spirit . Laurel is a very kind and loving soul ❤️.

Trish Bowie